Chemo Bags

An initiative fueled by compassion and care, proudly brought to you by The Window & Door Store!

Our Mission: Bringing Comfort and Hope

In our quest to spread love and support, we've embarked on a special fundraiser to create thoughtful care packages for chemo patients. These Chemo Bags go beyond being bundles of essential items; they are symbols of hope, encouragement, and the power of community coming together.

Crafted with Love and Purpose

We understand the challenges that chemotherapy brings, and through this project, we aim to brighten the journey for those undergoing treatment. Every bag is meticulously crafted with love, filled with comforting items to provide a little extra warmth and strength during their courageous fight.

What's Inside?

Each Chemo Bag is bursting with joy and care, filled to the brim with essential goodies that promise to bring a splash of sunshine to the recipients' lives! Picture cozy fleece blankets for warmth, stylish insulated tumblers to keep spirits high, engaging crossword puzzles for a dash of fun, and tech pouches for added convenience. This is just a glimpse of the treasures we've tucked into each bag.

How You Can Help: Physical items are the backbone of Chemo Bags. If you want to donate any of the items listed above or can think of other items that will lend a comforting hand to those going through chemotherapy, please contact Josh at or (807) 274-0302 ext. 27.

Monetary donations of any size are more than welcome and appreciated. All monetary donations will go towards the purchase of items for the Chemo Bags.

Let's join hands to make a difference in the lives of those bravely facing the challenges of chemotherapy. Together, we can bring comfort, strength, and a sense of community to those who need it most.

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Join us in Fort Frances, ON, for our ongoing Chemo Bag initiative! Sign up to stay informed about our future locations and be a part of our mission to support those in need.

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