The Window & Door Store, we present a paradigm shift in safety and security through our cutting-edge solution — RockGlass. As industry leaders with a legacy of excellence, we introduce a product that transcends conventional expectations, redefining the standards of protection for both residential and commercial spaces.


Precision Engineering, Unmatched Security:

In an era where security is paramount, RockGlass emerges as the pinnacle of innovation. Meticulously engineered and rigorously tested, it stands as a beacon of reliability and strength, ensuring unparalleled protection for what matters most.

Residential Fortification:

Elevate the security of your home with RockGlass. Whether through retro fit security panels seamlessly fitting over existing glass, or our advanced hybrid sealed units promising superior energy efficiency, every application reflects our commitment to fortifying your living spaces.

Commercial Excellence:

For businesses seeking uncompromising security solutions, RockGlass extends its capabilities seamlessly. From retro fit security panels optimizing energy efficiency to high-security screens fortifying commercial spaces, our offerings resonate with the needs of the modern business landscape.

Heavy Equipment Assurance:

In the realm of heavy machinery, RockGlass is more than a shield; it's a safeguard against downtime, injuries, and theft. Imbued with optically clear, unbreakable technology, it ensures your machinery operates with unyielding reliability.

"Broken glass has become a huge problem. Rockglass is now the solution."

What Sets RockGlass Apart?

RockGlass isn't just a glass; it's a feat of engineering. Infused with cutting-edge technology, our glass is optically clear, unbreakable, and designed to withstand the most rigorous challenges. It goes beyond conventional security measures, ensuring your space remains impenetrable.

Experience a dual benefit with our hybrid sealed units. Not only do they provide enhanced security, but they also prioritize energy efficiency. The integration of our solar 74 technology delivers unparalleled performance, making RockGlass a choice that aligns with both safety and sustainability.

From residential sanctuaries to commercial strongholds, RockGlass finds its place in various settings. Whether it's retro fit security panels fortifying existing glass or specialized screens enhancing security, RockGlass adapts to diverse environments, ensuring your specific needs are met.

Custom Solutions for Unique Requirements:

Recognizing that every space is unique, RockGlass offers customizable solutions. Tailor-made retro fit security panels, high-security screens, and application-specific adaptations cater to the distinct security demands of your home, business, or heavy equipment.

Residential Applications:

Retro Fit Security Panels:

Upgrade your existing windows with our Retro Fit Security Panels. These custom panels seamlessly fit over your current glass, providing an additional layer of security and boosting energy efficiency. Experience peace of mind without compromising on clarity.

Hybrid Sealed Units:

Elevate your home's energy efficiency and security with our Hybrid Sealed Units. By replacing existing glass, these units offer superior performance, ensuring optimal comfort. The integration of our solar 74 technology goes beyond conventional solutions, providing a holistic approach to safety and sustainability.

High Security Screens:

Take your window screens to the next level with our High Security Screens. Enhance protection against breakage and intrusion while maintaining visibility. Upgrade your home's security without sacrificing fresh air and natural light.


Commercial/Institutional Uses:

Retro Fit Security Panels:

Tailor-made solutions for commercial spaces, our Retro Fit Security Panels bring enhanced energy efficiency and security. Ideal for storefronts, offices, and other high-traffic areas, these panels redefine safety without compromising aesthetics.

High Security Screens:

Upgrade commercial window screens to meet the highest security standards. Protect your business assets with our High Security Screens, offering durability and peace of mind.

Security Shield System:

Our Security Shield System finds its application in security desks and high-risk areas. Ensure a secure environment for your staff and assets with this advanced security solution.


Heavy Equipment:

Optically Clear, Unbreakable Solution:

Eliminate downtime and safety concerns on heavy equipment with our Optically Clear, Unbreakable RockGlass. Experience unyielding protection without compromising visibility.

Solar Control Option:

Choose RockGlass Solar Control for heavy equipment applications, combining safety with energy efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a clear view while preventing glass-related issues.


Ready to experience the future of security with RockGlass? Contact us today for more information, personalized quotes, or to discuss specific applications. Our team is here to assist you in achieving unmatched protection and durability. Explore the possibilities of RockGlass and fortify your spaces like never before.