Welcome to the world of Weiser Products at The Window & Door Store! Discover an exquisite range of door hardware and lock solutions that blend style, functionality, and security. Not only do doors make a huge difference in your homes, but the details matter too! Our collection of Weiser Products includes door knobs and hardware that elevate your home or business entrances with premium craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Explore the perfect fusion of elegance and durability, setting a new standard in securing your spaces. For the full stock, come take a look at our showroom, and feel free to contact us directly!


Upgrade to a more convenient and controllable keyless entry deadbolt with SmartCode5. Enter your home with a few simple button pushes using your personal code and secure it with just one touch. Enjoy increased control over access to your home by assigning temporary smart codes as needed and deleting them at your discretion. Eliminate the need for keys entirely. SmartCode5 electronic door locks are easy to install, program, and use, operating on 4 AA batteries. They seamlessly complement any Weiser knob, lever, or handleset, providing both security and convenience.


PowerBolt provides the convenience of keyless door locks and entry systems for today’s active lifestyle. Utilizing the latest in electronic technology, it operates on just 4 AA batteries, allowing access with your personalized code or a key. Easy to install, program, and use, PowerBolt requires no wiring and seamlessly replaces existing door hardware. Upgrade to the simplicity and security of PowerBolt for a hassle-free entry experience.


Enhance your home's security and aesthetic appeal with our stylish and durable door levers. Designed for smooth operation and longevity, these door accessories offer the perfect combination of functionality and sophistication. Elevate your living spaces today with our premium door levers. Contact us to explore our collection and find the ideal fit for your home.


Easy to install and built to last, our deadbolts offer peace of mind and enhanced safety. Upgrade your door security today – contact us to explore our selection of premium deadbolts.


Crafted for both style and security, our handle sets offer a tasteful blend of elegance and durability. Choose from a range of designs and finishes to complement your home's aesthetic. Upgrade your entryway with our premium handle sets, providing both visual appeal and enhanced protection.


Whether you prefer classic designs or modern aesthetics, we offer a diverse range of finishes and styles to match your taste. Explore our showroom for the full stock, and transform your doors with our elegant and durable doorknobs.


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